Plan Your Life

  • Best Value

    Video Hypnosis

    Every week
    3 Pre-Paid Hypnosis Sessions
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Discounted Sessions ($177.00) each
  • Change Membership

    Every month
    Perfect if you usually have very few questions per month
    • One 30 Minute Tarot Card Reading Monthly
    • 2 Questions Included Monthly
    • Discounts on Full Price Services
    • Limites Access to Hypnosis Audio
    • 10% off first Full Price Services
  • Moving Membership

    Every month
    Great if you have Limited Time
    • One 15 Minute Tarot Card Reading Monthly
    • 1 Question Monthly
    • Limited Access to Hypnosis
    • 5% off First Full Price Session

This is an ongoing membership and monthly pricing for you be able to ask questions at a more cost effective way, than readings. If you will be given a certain timeframe to ask You accept that you will be charged monthly. Terms are subject to changes.

Plan Your Life

Choose the best way to start getting answers and improving your life